Vietnam Foundation


SOME ACTIVITIES OF OUR VIET NAM FOUNDATION (November/2016: This old man is One of The Victims of agent orange after American War in VIET NAM. We gave him some second hand clothes and books put in suitcase as well as something else. And he was really very happy 🙂 We are happy too 🙂 !
( During American War in VIET NAM , 1961-1973 , totally US Air Force ever sprayed over 80 million liters of chemical weapons in VIET NAM , such as : “Agent orange , Defoliant , Napalm bombs , Dioxin so on … and They also dropped more than four million tons of bomb in VIET NAM in order to transform Our beautiful VIET NAM country back to stone age. So that, Nowaday, there is still more than four million Victims of agent orange , and three generation of them whom got birth defect ).”
And some of another pictures that Our clients took with some poor Children in Mekong Delta, southern part of VIET NAM, We gave them some money after We took some pictures with them.